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Ein schönes Standheizungs 1x1 gibt es bei Matsch & Piste . Sehr wissenswert für alle, die beginnen, sich mit der Thematik auseinanderzusetzen.
Es gibt übrigens auch eine sehr gute Facebook-Gruppe für alle Fragen und unabhäniges Feedback rund ums Thema Autoterm Planar- und Binar-Heizungen.
Bei Problemen hilft die Liste mit den wichtigsten Fehlercodes und alle weiteren Fragen werden in den FAQ beantwortet.

Air Heaters (Planar, Air, etc.)

2D or 4D - which heater do I need?
manuals - where do I find manuals and installation guides?
Intake of room air - should I suck in my room air from the outside?
Intake and outlet - which side is the hot air outlet and which is the intake?
Petrol air heaters - is there an Autoterm Air 2B or 4B for petrol cars?
insulation of the exhaust - how hot will it get, do I need insulation?
mounting kit - what do I need to order with my heater?
first start - my heater does not start properly the first time and may smell funny, what's wrong?
(E)-mark - is the heater subject to registration (TÜV)?
noise - how noisy will the heater be?
High altitude - which heaters are made for high altitudes?
Fanspeed - how can I change the speed of the ventilation?
Polanrity of the pump - how to connect the plug?
power - how much power does the heater need?
change of extra silent fuelpump, supersilent exhaust silencer & co. - can I just swap them?
temperature sensor - do I need to order an external one?
temperature of the heater - how hot will the device become?
tank withdrawal - easy way would be the T, is that possible?
underfloor installation - I want to install the heater underneath the vehicle.
warm air duct - which size do I need?
youtube - can I see a youtube video and install my heater by myself?
too hot - my heater does not switch to standy or does not regulate down.

Commented error code list

Error 04 / 05 / 06 - temperature sensor
Error 07 - Overheat sensor

Water Heaters (Binar, Teplostar 14tc-mini, Flow)

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