Steering damper with brackets for UAZ Bukhanka

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Part number of the manufacturer RIF4x4: SD01B

Categorie: Steering dampers

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The steering damper is in fact a regular shock absorber with symmetrical compression and stretch properties that is able to work in a horizontal position. Its task is to reduce shock loads, vibration and resonance oscillation applied to the steering wheel. A steering damper protects the steering wheel of a vehicle from high loads, and drivers from injuries that may occur during extreme offroad drive as the result of a jolt jerking arms holding the steering wheel. RIF steering dampers are designed for harsh conditions and ensure comfortable and safe handling of a vehicle on and off the road. Features of RIF steering dampers include: - Reinforced chrome plated rod - Large oil reservoir - High compression and stretch properties as compared with a factory damper - Drain holes in the upper dust boot that let the mud escape and prevent it from collecting in the housing and wedging the damper - Heavy-duty fixing hardware

Vehikel: UAZ Buhanka
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