Schwellerrohre für Nissan Patrol Y61 2004+ Schaltgetriebe

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Power thresholds RIF designed to protect the bodywork SUV both in the city and off-road - can rest against a log or rock to lean on the edge of the track - the threshold provides reliable protection. Thresholds can easily withstand the rise of hi-jack. On some models, you can strengthen the protection of fuel tanks.

Get in the SUV interior with big wheels through rapids RIF is easy and simple, but well proven pad on the threshold of corrugated aluminum perfectly holds any sole.

thresholds Structure RIF extremely strong and durable, thresholds are designed to operate in severe conditions - they are made of a single steel pipe without welding. Thresholds are attached to the frame with the help of ladders.

They are stylish and spectacular appearance successfully emphasizes the brutal face of the SUV!

Black powder-coated to protect against corrosion in any environment and not afraid of the most aggressive reagents.

All the power kit RIF is designed to operate in harsh environments and is certified for use in the Russian Federation when installing any improvements of the car does not need

. Weight: 34.5 kg

The thresholds are only suitable for a / m with manual transmission

The price is for a set of two thresholds.

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