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Protective case RIF is designed for the transportation of fragile goods and sensitive equipment such as satellite phones, radios, photo and video equipment and electronics. As well as any other items that should not suffer under any circumstances, for example, replacement bearings, constant velocity joints or filters. It should be noted that the sturdy construction of high-impact cases RIF can easily withstand a lot of weight load

Protective cases made of RIF-resistant and extremely durable plastic -. It is possible to move the vehicle, and valuable content will not be affected. Cases completely sealed, and the contents of the case guaranteed protected from dust and moisture ingress through the rubber gasket and tightly fitting lid.

On each a case there is a valve for adjusting the air access, which is necessary when temperature differences, inside there are several layers of dense perforated foam rubber to . to produce the desired shape for the slot equipment

Protective cases RIF available in different sizes - from the smallest mini-case study, which is convenient to arrange, for example, first aid kit, up to a maxi-case study a suitcase on wheels with retractable handle or flat Case-wardrobe trunks for weapons. This is a very expands the scope of cases and makes comfortable as the transport of heavy fragile goods, and transportation of fine and delicate baggage

Main features
  • External dimensions:. 515x415x200
  • internal dimensions: 475x347x188
  • Material: plastic
  • black
  • Two layers of foam filler
  • The degree of moisture protection: IP67

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