Schalter. ON-OFF-ON-Funktion, Blau, zweizeiligen

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Switch Function ON-OFF-ON, 3 operating positions: a locking in the ON position,
with locking in the OFF position, with locking in the ON position
Backlight type - LED LED backlight color / display - BLUE / BLUE
Laser engraving pieces without labels - TWO LINES
products are designed for passenger cars, trucks,
construction and agricultural equipment, water transport switches commute road signaling circuit
power and control the operating voltage of 12-24V, with loi current to 20A.
Switching manufactured in two directions.
switches are fastened by fixing in an opening in the panel by means of latches on the housing.
connection contacts are flat terminal or by soldering.
is connected via relay
to illuminate the buttons in the dark and turn indication used
blue LEDs
7 contacts for & nbsp & nbsp; OFF-ON & # 40; ON & # 41 ;-Off - & # 40; # 41 ON & ;, ON-ON-OFF
Rated voltage / current 12V / 20A, 24B / 10A
maximum DC current 20A / 10A
Maxim cial voltage DC 12V / 24V
Working temperature from -25C to & # 43; 65C
switch key size Art School 48,5h26
switch housing size LxWxH 48,5h26h50,1 mm
Finish bore 37,1x21,5 mm
degree of protection IP66
can be used as souvenirs.

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