Rahmen für tragbare Winde mit Ketten (groß)

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Portable winch is ideal for those car owners who for various reasons do not want to permanently install a winch on the car.

The winch is installed in a compact and practical platform reef with fixings to the towing eye, the most important advantage of which is the simplicity of its use. Thanks to this site does not require any alterations to equip the car winch - generally no change in the design of cars. All the necessary dwell in the trunk. All that needs to be done in the preparatory stage -. Attach it to the battery terminals and the winch on a pair of long wires to the connector "male-female" and bolted with four bolts to a winch platform

The site is securely fixed to the towing eye by means of chains. Eyelets should be two, to check whether they are in a car, a better home. Even necessarily need to mention the versatility of a portable winch installed in the area RIF - extend the winch can not only forward but also backward, sideways, or even if there is something to catch her in a car. Produced RIF site in two sizes - for compact winch with a pulling force of up to 2 tons, which is suitable for light small cars, and for winches with a pulling force of 4300 kg

The portable winch -. Thing is not easy, and to work with it did not look like the work of the ancient Egyptians to build the pyramids, the site is carefully designed - all corners are rounded to avoid injuries, a couple of comfortable grip handles allows the winch handle with care, not only together, but alone, and soft rubber feet will appreciate the trunk author . And of course, in the area laid the traditional brand products REEF huge margin.

strong> Features of the design and operation platform strong>

  • The removable pad is designed to be installed winch with a pulling force from 9500 to 5000 pounds and three sizes of winches for mounting width.
  • Dimensions of mounting holes mounted winches in mm: 254h114.3, 166.4h114.3, 151h114.3.
  • winch drum with a standard width can be mounted on the platform, as well as shortened.
  • Holes guide rollers (or fairlead) are arranged on both sides and have a different width by varying the width of the winch drum. Ul> Removable platform is equipped with two chains and four Shaklee, which allows the use of a winch at an angle evenly distribute the load on the towing eye. In operation required the use of two sets of chains.

    On the bottom track surface are practical rubber feet to prevent damage during transportation surface as well as anti-slip pad in the trunk.

    The platform is made of steel 6.4 mm colored powder .

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