Rahmen für tragbare Winde für hitch

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Removable platform for portable winch allows not to install the winch is stationary, and to carry it in the trunk, hanging on the machine only when it is needed. Such an embodiment is useful if resort to the assistance winches have rarely, and not to complex cases jams & # 40b complicated cases portable winch is not always possible to install, it can not withstand the fasteners can not be installed to drive the winch 41 & # ;.

removable undoubted advantages are its safety winch & # 40; not moknet winch, does not freeze, not filled with reagents in winter ;, 41 & # the possibility of its linkage with any side of the vehicle - front, rear or even the side and "mnogostanochnost" - one winch can be mounted in several vehicles, with appropriate fasteners naturally.

Removable platform installed in the hitch American type "square" and allows the use of a winch with a pulling force of up to 9500 lbs & # 40; 4300 kg & # 41 when necessary. To connect the winch require long wires and connectors, and of course the hitch itself. Construction platforms designed for installation as a winch with a conventional drum and short - mounting size -. 254h114,3 mm and mm, respectively 149.86x114.3

similar "hitch", or, if power bumper RIF, an adapter for the tow bar can also be installed in front of the car, which will allow more fully use the portable winch, pulling stuck SUV is not only back but forward.

Black powder-coated to protect against corrosion in any environment and not afraid of the most aggressive reagents. 3-year guarantee the absence of mechanical damages

. Weight: 11 kg

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