Rack (Korb ohne Versteifungen) RIF 1200x1900 mm universal UAZ Patriot, Tagaz Tager (unterstützt 6).

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Real power trunk type "Forwarding basket" RIF, with extra range and higher capacity.

it is made of square tubes with a side of 25 mm, 2mm wall (bottom) and round pipe 20 mm in diameter, 1.5 mm wall (perimeter bottom, the upper perimeter).

  • It has high load-carrying capacity, but we must remember, by experimenting with trunk strength that is weaker will always be a drain groove, to which it is attached.
  • are of high quality.
  • The color of the powder. In the absence of mechanical damages is extremely resistant to corrosion even in Moscow.
  • The size of the basket 1200h1900 mm. Ul>

    Please note that in order to mount the boot is not sold separately strong>

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