RIF vorderen Öldämpfer Chevy-Niva verstärkten Standard (ohne Lift) und heben 50 mm

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Reinforced RIM absorbers manufactured by R-AIR unique technology allowing to increase the hydraulic damper resistance to high loads. Inside the sealed chamber absorber is made of elastic rubber, filled with air. Thanks to technology R-AIR oil no longer foams and does not boil during long continuous loads, unlike conventional hydraulic damper or shock absorber with Foam Cell technology we used before, which prevents the foaming of a layer of foam rubber.

Technology R-AIR - it is essentially a new word in the production of shock absorbers. Due to the increased oil reservoir with a large quantity of oil, reinforced rod, piston and R-AIR technology RIF absorbers have long working resource and provide excellent stability performance during long rides on rough country roads, excellent driving stability, good articulation and suspension pleasant smoothness . off-road

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WARNING: strong> When you install an RIF long-stroke springs and dampers, an additional SETTING vit adjustable Panhard rod RIF, article PR201 on the rear axle. And also the front axle set of spacers 25 mm below the upper ball joint Niwa, Chevy Niwa article V-FS-BJS-N, as well as longer brake hoses.

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