RIF rear leaf spring for UAZ Hunter/Patriot 0÷150 kg lift 50 mm

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Part number of the manufacturer RIF4x4: RIFHAN-540B

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High RIF springs are designed and manufactured specifically for use in heavy off-road conditions on different road surfaces. They have a large margin of safety.

Thanks to the springs RIF SUV gets a lift of about 50 mm suspension that allows you to put the wheels of larger diameter and an increased capacity. With springs RIF suspension SUV perfectly "holds" any terrain - and heavy off-road, and smashed grader, and the rugged terrain, as well as the usual ride in a fast city mode - the car remains comfortable and stable, it is well managed and does not fall out of rotation <. p> RIFHAN-540B - Camye "soft" of the presented models. Due to the suspension of the elevator provide the ability to install wheels of larger size. Firmness compensates for the increase in the vehicle weight from 100 to 200 kg.

Suspension 540B recommended for suspension and lift the wheels for oversize standard vehicles or vehicles with low levels of training. This may be the installation of power thresholds Expeditionary trunk and spare tire larger.

The springs have a leaf Podkoren with developed rims. This feature will allow the springs to withstand the weight of the car and drive to the workshop in the case of cracked or broken indigenous sheet.

spring package consists of 6 sheets. Of these, 2 freight, which are included in work at high load. This design provides better smoothness

Weight -..! 27.5 kg

Warning strong>

For the UAZ Patriot 2018+, with dvuhlistovymi regular springs, leaf springs when installing the FTA must be installed pad spring 3160-00-2912412-10 spacer and spring-bridge 3160-00-2912422-10 . This kit provides compensation for bridge displacement that occurs when replacing springs.

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