RIF lift-kit for UAZ Hunter 150-300 kg

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Part number of the manufacturer RIF4x4: RIF-Hun-C

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Lift Kit for REEF UAZ Hunter vehicles. The height of the elevator 2 (50 mm)

The main difference from the embodiment of soft lift-kit -. Greater capacity of the spring. This lift kit is recommended for installation on vehicles equipped with power bumpers, extra fuel tanks, winches and other equipment vnedorozhdnym.

One of the most important stages of the off-road tuning is the installation of a reinforced suspension, allows to improve the car's behavior on any terrain, improve the geometric continuity, increase the power consumption of the suspension.

All the components of a lift-kits RIF are specially designed for use off-road car in difficult conditions on different road coatings. Springs, shock with Foam Cell technology and the spring RIF not only compensate for the weight of the installed additional equipment on the off-road vehicle (bumpers, sills, extra fuel tanks, winches, etc.), but also significantly increase the capacity of the car. Elongated ladders RIF and earrings made of high quality material and have an increased margin of safety. With springs sleeve REEF made of polyurethane has a high elasticity, durability and heat resistance to high or low temperatures

Reinforced suspension RIF perfectly "holds" and heavy off-road, and smashed grader and asphalt road with sharp turns -. The car remains stable, manageable, and most importantly, comfortable.

All products are manufactured under the brand name RIF, is not inferior in quality to foreign brands, and some of them superior to a number of characteristics, while being a leader in the relation . Eniyu price-quality in the Russian market

Elevator kit includes: strong>

  • SD09Dempfer RIF steering UAZ Patriot / Hunter, Toyota Land Cruiser 70 Series 2007+ - 1 RIFHAN-540CRessora RIF rear UAZ Hunter / Patriot 150 ÷ ??300 kg mm- 2 elevator 50
  • RIF000-99010Kronshteyny for attaching the steering damper to RIF UAZ Hunter - 1
  • 3160-00-2912422-10Prostavka (plate) between rear axle and leaf springs UAZ Hanter- 2
  • 3160-00-2912412-10Nakladka spring UAZ Hanter- 2
  • U-FS-DS-20Prostavka UAZ propeller shaft 20 mm - 1
  • UB995Stremyanka spring RIF for Toyota Hilux / navara D40 / UAZ Hunter - 4
  • GS593Serga RIF rear spring UA Hunter / Patriot - 2
  • RIF CC6303Kastor kit for UAZ Patriot / Hunter 4 ° - 1
  • HAN-740CPruzhiny RIF front UAZ Hunter 100 kg lift 2 - 1
  • RIF 304BKVtulki with springs UAZ Hunter / Patriot (12 pcs .) - 1
  • SAG215Amortizator RIF rear oil UAZ Hunter / Patriot / Buhanka (trans. and rear.) - 2
  • SAG231Amortizator RIF cutting oil UAZ Hunter lift 2 - 2 ul>

Vehikel: UAZ Hunter
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