RIF lift-Kit für Mitsubishi Pajero III-IV weichen Aufzug 40 mm

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Lift kit for cars Mitsubishi Pajero III (1999-2006) and Pajero IV (2006-2013). The height of elevator 40 mm

The main difference from the embodiment of rigid riser kit - springs and spring lesser capacity. Such a lift kit is recommended to be installed on standard cars without weighted power bodywork, winches, and other additional equipment.

One of the most important stages of the off-road tuning is the installation of a reinforced suspension, allows to improve the car's behavior on any terrain, improve the geometric continuity, increase the power consumption of the suspension.

All the components of a lift-kits RIF are specially designed for use off-road car in difficult conditions on different road coatings. Dampers with R-Air technology and RIF spring not only compensate for the weight set on the SUV additional equipment (bumpers, sills, extra fuel tanks, winches and other), but also significantly increased vehicle load.

Reinforced suspension RIF perfectly "holds" and heavy off-road, and smashed grader and asphalt road with sharp turns - the car remains stable, manageable, and most importantly, comfortable

All products are manufactured under the brand name RIF, not inferior. . the quality of foreign brands, and some of them superior to a number of characteristics, while being a leader in terms of price and quality in the Russian market

Elevator kit includes: strong>

  • Absorber RIF front oil Mitsubishi Pajero III and IV 2000+ elevator 40 mm (i.e. lko under MTS-510B / C) 2 pcs
  • RIF rear oil damper Pajero III, IV 2000+ elevator 40 mm 2 piece
  • RIF front springs Mitsubishi Pajero III, IV 2000+ 0 ÷ 50 kg lift of 40 mm (only under SA245) 1 set.
  • RIF rear springs Mitsubishi Pajero III, IV 2000+ 0 ÷ 200 kg lift 40 mm 1 set. Ul>

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