RIF hintere Blattfeder für UAZ Bukhanka (mit wenigen Blattfedern) 0 ÷ 300 kg heben 50 mm

Artikelnummer: 19984

Teilenummer des Herstellers RIF4x4: RIF206-520C

Kategorie: Leaf springs

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Herstellertext Englisch:

High RIF springs are designed and manufactured specifically for use in heavy off-road conditions on different road surfaces. They have a large margin of safety.

Due to the springs RIF SUV gets a suspension lift that allows you to put the wheels of larger diameter and an increased capacity. With springs RIF suspension SUV perfectly "holds" any terrain - and heavy off-road, and smashed grader, and the rugged terrain, as well as the usual ride in a fast city mode - the car remains comfortable and stable, it is well managed and does not fall out of rotation <. br="">
Warning: require a driveshaft spacer

The package consists of a spring 12 sheets
sheet width 6cm.

Fahrzeug: UAZ Buhanka
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