RIF castor plata für UAZ Patriot für Lift 100 mm

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When the elevator car suspension with fully dependent suspension varies longitudinal angle pivot axle. Staff at the pivot angle UAZ Patriot is 3 degrees, after suspension on the elevator it will be -3gradusa 100mm. To eliminate this adverse consequences (it worsens driving stability and controllability SUV) with a slight lift of 40-70 mm is set with an offset bore bushings. Such bushings return caster angle to factory settings

Another option -. Set castor-board. We castor boards the same function as that of the castor-whales, the only difference is that the producers lift kits are recommended for installation castor-payment for large suspension lift - 10 and 15 cm, when it lacks the capacity eccentric silent block (a problem that this is no longer possible to make Hob). Castor-board placed between the arm and the bridge, thus changing the position of the bridge, and thus the kingpin angle.

In the case UAZom we propose castor-board made under the elevator 100 mm. Installing castor boards require mechanical works with application of cut-off machines - you have to cut away part of the standard mounting bracket lever towards the bridge. Accordingly, after the castor-board is mounted on a car, back to the original design problematic, however razliftovyvat vehicle is not recommended.

After setting data kingpin inclination angle castor boards will be 5 degrees. Some increase in the angle of inclination with respect to factory settings a positive effect on the car's handling.

Watch Video Installation castor boards strong>

Fahrzeug: UAZ Patriot
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