RIF Winde Halteschale für Fabrik Front für Stoßstange für Toyota Fortuner 2015+

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A distinctive feature of the FTA platform is its rugged design. When properly installed, any areas for the winch on the Toyota Fortuner is necessary to dismantle the regular protective timber, inside the bumper.

The site has a new RIF integrated into her protective timber, replacing the staff. This enhances the platform itself and a positive effect on passive safety. The platform is mounted on the frame and does not require any intervention into the vehicle design, apart from cutting in normal bumper trim holes fairlead or rollers.

Like all power kit RIF marketplace is robust design and high quality materials and manufacturing precision bends welded stitches and colors. Anti-corrosive powder coating reliably protects the board from the harmful effects of moisture and chemicals to the joy owner. This area during the installation does not require any alterations car. Bumper, wheel arches and an apron at the bottom of the machine mounted on the regular places.

The site is designed for winch 8000- 9500lb and some 12000lb models (body diameter up to 180mm). Metal Thickness - 6 mm

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