RIF Schutzkoffer 560x 355x 290 mm mit Rädern und Teleskopgriff

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Teilenummer des Herstellers RIF4x4: WRT-26

Kategorie: Protection cases

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This case is multifunctional - it can be worn and can be rolled over the long handle, which is especially good if in something heavy. Convenient carrying case and its size. Looks very compact but very roomy inside.

A new case of RIF, as well as the previous model, is made of durable impact-resistant plastic, protected from dust and moisture access rubber gasket and tight-fitting lid. On the front wall there is a valve for adjusting the air access, which is necessary when the pressure drops and temperatures. Inside the case is filled with dense perforated foam rubber to make nests the necessary form for the equipment

Main features strong>

  • External dimensions:. 560h355h290
  • Inside dimensions, mmR: 510x292x240
  • Weight: 6.0
  • Material: plastic
  • black
  • Two layers of foam sealant
  • The degree of moisture protection: IP67 ul>

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