RIF Schutzkoffer 428x 283x 275 mm

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Teilenummer des Herstellers RIF4x4: WR-15

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Main feature of the new case study - a possibility of large objects vertical arrangement. Due to this, Case WR-15 is ideal, for example, photographic equipment, as it can easily accommodate the camera itself, a lot of different lenses, flash, etc. Also, you can put vertically radio, satellite phone and other equipment

Castles in the WR-15 carrying case constructively other -. Now they open and close faster and more convenient than ever before. Wearing a briefcase over his shoulder very convenient, since the shoulder strap is attached to the swing arm, and case exactly, his entire side plane adjacent to the thigh man.

A new case of RIF, as well as the previous model, is made of durable impact-resistant plastic, protected from dust and moisture access rubber gasket and tightly fitting lid. On the front wall there is a valve for adjusting the air access, which is necessary when the pressure drops and temperatures. Inside the case is filled with dense perforated foam rubber to make a nest desired shape for the equipment.

Main characteristics strong>

  • External dimensions: 428h283h275
  • Internal dimensions: 405x231x260
  • Material: Plastic
  • black
  • 1 layer foam
  • Weight: 3kg
  • The degree of moisture protection: IP67 ul>

    video review protective cases RIF WR-15 strong>

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