RIF Markise Zelt kombiniert (Quadrat + belfüftetes Teil) 2,5 m

Artikelnummer: 19797

Teilenummer des Herstellers RIF4x4: WIN206

Kategorie: Awning tents

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Combined road-tilt Marquis measuring 2.5 by 2.5 meters.

rigidly attached to the vehicle body or trunk of the car, which is rapidly deployed and the stowed position. Excellent protection from direct sunlight or precipitation. In the transport position the awning marquise-packed in a solid cover of PVC material reliably protecting it from damage or contamination.

Combined design combines the ease of installation of conventional awning, awnings, but additionally protects the approach to the luggage compartment fan-like

size canopy in the operating condition. 2.5 meter long side and 2.5 meters on the flight. This awning allows you to comfortably place next to the car three or four people.

Setting the tent under the force of even one person, and takes no more than two or three minutes. Includes rope stretch with tension adjustment and metal poles for mounting to the ground.

Disclosure tent counterclockwise.

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