RIF Luftfahrwerke für Mitsubishi L200 2005-2015 für die Hinterachse, für 50 mm Aufhängung angehoben

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Teilenummer des Herstellers RIF4x4: ASK-TRT-L

Kategorie: Air (pneumatic) suspension

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RIF for air suspension Mitsubishi L200 2005-2015, Rear Axle (for liftovannoy suspension 50 mm)

In the implementation of the suspension of the elevator by means of a spring-spacers bridge, you must use the standard air suspension ASK-TRT-S strong>

set pneumatic RIF is in addition to the liftovannoy vehicle suspension and reduces the load on the spring, and use the full load capacity vehicle without changing geometric cross.

Installing air suspension with leaf springs at load capacity allows to maintain desirable levels of comfort and a smooth ride in the daily operation and thus be able, if necessary, carry a significant amount of weight in the back.

This kit is specifically designed for air suspension Mitsubishi L200. The package includes: two air bags, mounting brackets, and hardware required pnevmofitingi, pnevmomagistral, pressure control valves.

Mounting pneumatic RIF does not require welding and highly specialized skills and takes about 2 hours. When installing this kit requires drilling holes in the chassis 4 of the car.

The kit includes air suspension: strong>

-pnevmoballony RIF AS002600 2 pcs

-komplekt fasteners pneumatic RIF for MITSUBISHI L200 2005-2015 1k-t

-fiting-. adapter 2531 3 / 8-1 / 4 2 pcs

-fiting corner 6522 6-1 / 4 2 pcs

-pnevmomagistral 6m

pressure control-valve 11490-BP 2 pcs

installation Instructions are Online

Test pneumatic RIF on the Mitsubishi L200 and Toyota Hilux strong>

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