RIF Kupplung für die Fabrik Heckstoßstange für UAZ Patriot 2005+

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The design of the tow RIF is designed to very severe stress, it has a huge safety margin due to force elements, thick metal and high-quality welding. This is perhaps the most powerful on the market of this type towbars. Trailer coupling, in addition to its duties, namely towing full weight to 1500 (in accordance with operating characteristics of the Patriot), easily withstand both lifting hijack and use powerful removable winch with a pulling force of 4500 kg or towing eyelet.

When removed towing inset reinforced hitch RIF hardly visible under regular bumper.

In the city driving a reinforced hitch reef and excellent protection against a surprise attack from behind, and in this case almost not visible from under the regular bumper.

Hook RI mounted on the vehicle frame assembly is simple and can be performed independently. All you need to do - is to drill a couple of holes and plug sockets electrician.

When mounted on a / m to 2015 require trimming the lower bumper. Strong> Removable tow bar (adapter) is not included! The adapter is chosen based on the height of the car and the trailer height. Strong>

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