RIF Kotflügelverbreiterungen 3 cm

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When extending track SUV due Fitting wider wheels and tires, wheel spacers or drive negative departure, wheel stop placed in arches and protrude outward, so that when moving water, mud, stones and gravel fly straight in the side windows and at the side car. It is simply impractical and dangerous - is suffering the paint and significantly worsens the review both driver and passengers. Well, the car is no longer a clear almost immediately in the case of a little rain, even with city driving.

Universal dilators of wheel arches RIF avoid the unpleasant consequences of widening and, in addition, contribute to the shape of the car its elegant touch. RIF dilators are of high quality and precision workmanship, they are suitable for any off-road vehicle, and thanks to a very affordable price available to everyone. Universal dilators easily installed on any length wheel arch using screws and galvanized mounting plates.

is already known on the market dilators foreign marks are made of a material (PVC), having several characteristics that limit their use in this climate.

Expanders RIF manufactured from the advanced material - a thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), retaining elasticity in a very wide temperature range from -55 ° C to + 135 ° C. The material is extremely strong and flexible and is not exposed to UV, ozone, oils, petroleum products, bending impacts

Components:. Strong>

  • expander 6 m
  • 32 mounting plate
  • 64 screw. Ul>

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