RIF Alubox verstärkt, abschließbar 592x388x409 mm (LxBxH)

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Kategorie: Aluminium boxes

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High-quality universal box Aluminum reinforced structure for storing and transportation of goods, spare parts or equipment.

The strength of the box is ensured by two high-rigidity ribs disposed on the perimeter of the box at the top and the bottom and side walls of stamped ribs. The cover is fixed to the box in large reinforced steel hinges, and its opening is limited kapron belts. Two locks with latches ensure secure closure and enough close fitting lid to seal gum, providing reliable Ingress protection. Locks come with larvae turnkey and holes oplombirovki. Outer cover box fitted with stops molded corners to enhance strength as a whole and also for reliable fixation of boxes on one another in the vertical stacking. Durable and comfortable handle designed for carrying significant weight.

Main characteristics: strong>

Length - 592 mm
Width - 388 mm Height
- 409 mm
Internal dimensions: 552x348x377 mm
volume - 76 liters wall Thickness - 1 mm
Weight - 5.1 kg

Overview aluminum forwarding mailbox RIF strong>

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