Planar 8DM Basic Diesel Luftstandheizung 6KW 12V

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Heizleistung: Min: 3,2kW Max: 6kW
Dieselverbrauch: Min: 0,42l Max: 0,76l
Stromverbrauch: Min: 8W Max: 75W

Gebaut für 70-175m^3 Rauminhalt

  • Heizgerät 8D 12V
  • Bedienelement PU5
  • Zusatztank 7,5l
  • Tankentnahmerohr
  • Warmluftrohr 50cm
  • Abgasrohr 60cm
  • Spritleitung 5m
  • Kabel, Ringe, Muttern, Schrauben usw

Air heater PLANAR 8DM in the production line is a powerful air heater model.
Air heater PLANAR 8DM  is intended for use in any kind of means of land transport (for example, truck and commercial vehicle cabs or cargo compartment), as well as on boats (up to 48 feet/15 m long) and on the premises.
Capacity of the air heater PLANAR 8DM  is between 3,2 kW and 6 kW (till 7,5 kW for 24V model), and it is capable to heat up 175 m3 (235 m3 for 24V model) of air hourly, furthermore, maintaining excellent economy and consuming between 0.42 l and 0.76 l (till 0,9 l for 24V model) diesel per hour.
Heater PLANAR 8DM is being offered in two modifications, intended for operation in power networks with voltage of 12V and 24V.

The main advantages of AUTOTERM heaters are stable operation at very low temperatures, inductive (brushless) electric motors designed for uninterrupted operation for 12,000 hours, as well as low fuel consumption and reasonable price. Our heaters have proved their excellent quality, working in aggressive environments, such as, for example, the marine environment and careers. Our heaters have a single European guarantee and civil liability is insured.
Heater PLANAR 8DM may be controlled both by the standard control panel (PU-5) and standard alarm system (provided there is a free control channel), as well as by modem (available separately), supporting control via call/sms, and by a smartphone application, which is available both in the operating system Android, and IOS (application Autoterm Control).
Just like all the other AUTOTERM heaters, the heater PLANAR 8DM is also delivered with full assembly set including: fuel tank 7,5 l, air supply pipe 50 cm long, 60 cm long discharge pipe of exhaust gases, 5 meters long polyamide fuel pipe, fuel collector in the fuel tank, control panel (PU-5), cables, rings, bolts etc.

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