Kanister ?extreme stop? 3-in-1 (4l+0,4l+0,4) mit integrierter Hi-Lift Basis rot, Kunststoff für Wasser, Benzin oder Diesel

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Forwarding, combined canister & quotEkstrim STOP & quot 4 liter "Prop jacking" "3 in 1" is made from a strong, high density polymer, which gives the product a special durability and prevents rapid wear under extreme conditions. The original structure comprises the container 3 directly for liquids. Canister intended for transporting various kinds of flammable & # 40; gasoline, diesel fuel, oil, and 41 & # dietary & # 40; water, beer and other & # 41 kinds of liquids. At the same time you can carry gasoline, oil, diesel fuel. These cans can be used by absolutely anyone possessing a vehicle. Canister Extreme & quot; STOP & quot particularly good for two-stroke engines, where it is necessary to mix oil and gasoline. Withstand 4 atmosphere

It is unique in its kind thanks to the following advantages:.

The set includes three small volumes of container: 4 l canister. red and two cans of 0.4 liters. yellow and black colors.
Due to the presence of several vessels at the same time it allows you to transfer gasoline, oil and diesel fuel. . Conveniently for chainsaws or holders, e.g., in two-stroke engines operating
five-liter canister with specially embossed thereon the site can be used as a stand under pinion jack
capacity volume 0,4 & nbsp;. & Nbsp; l. has special measuring notches, allowing to see the number of portable liquid
Flat canister made of high-density polymer -. withstand the most brutal exploitation in extreme situations
Thanks to its unusual shape and size, the canister can be mounted almost anywhere.. There is a convenient carrying handle and mounting canisters in the most unexpected places.

Artikelgewicht: 1,20 Kg
Abmessungen: 30 × 30 × 12 cm
URL: https://samaratara.ru/products/kombinirovannaya-kanistra-ekstrim-stop-4-litra-tri-v-odnom
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