Kanister "extreme drive" 2 Galonen (8,5l) rot, Kunststoff für Wasser, Benzin oder Diesel

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The main difference from canister "Extreme" - increased weight of the new sample with a retainer cap

Canisters & quotEkstrim & quot withstand high loads in the most severe climates. The temperature range for this container, from minus 50 to plus 50 degrees. Canister withstand up to 400 kg. load.

Expeditionary canister can be mounted where it is convenient, it has a lot of knobs and holes for mounting in different places. Let this be a trunk, ATV, motorcycle, boat, & nbsp; & nbsp; jeep, trailer, etc.

The expedition canister can be used as Sand track & # 40; if not at hand Sand & truck # 41 ;, but only in extreme cases. For canisters are many accessories that change the principles of the canister. From the canister can be a shower or wash basin.

Artikelgewicht: 1,50 Kg
Abmessungen: 30 × 55 × 8 cm
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