Building your vehicle's interior with STECK+WEG

Cannot wait to start your roadtrip but your vehicle still needs individual* furniture, cupboards, kitchen and so on? With our STECK+WEG system you'll be finished and gone in no time.

"As easy as Lego" you can connect the aluminum square tubes to the connectors and finsh with furniture panels (and doors) to your taste. Use for example 14-17mm real wood for cosy vanlife-feeling or colored furniture panels if you like to add some colors to your vehicle, or use the aluminum tubes the other way around and work with 3-4mm Alu Dibond for a lightweight and clean option.

There is a variety of connectors and tubes, so you have a wide range of options. Also individually adjustable connectors are available, which can be used for furniture around wheel houses for example.

You don't need to be a cabinet maker and do not even need much more than a good saw and drill and you still can build 100% unique* furniture matching your own taste and the demands of your vehicle.

What else do you need?

  • furniture panels, wood, alu dibond or whatever you wish (see above).
  • according to the chosen material this might need a paint and finish.
  • hinges and locks for doors.
*individually and unique also means, you have to plan your furniture yourself. Even though we like to provide a lot of kits, in this case we do not have a set for this or that type of vehicle. So get our measuring tape and pen and plan ;-)

There's the following choice of connectors:

There's the following choice of square tubes:

Please keep in mind, that you need to fix 14-17mm panels to two profile edges. If you are working with thin materials, we recommend fixing it to four edges. And there's no square tube with three way edges.