Dachträger-Plattform für Toyota Hilux 2005-2014

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Expeditionary trunk in the shape of a flat basket without boards will be convenient for those who have to carry bulky things partially or fully pro-trunk edge. In this case, the classic forwarding basket will be difficult to maintain, and reliable fixation of the cargo and will evenly distribute the weight of the roof of an SUV. Also, this form of forwarding the boot has improved aerodynamics and it significantly quieter at high speeds.

In front of the boot has regular holes for fixing headlights or additional working light.
Calculated trunk load up to 200 kg, but the operation must be guided by instructions for operation of the vehicle, wherein said maximum permissible weight of the cargo carried on the roof.

Black powder coating protects against corrosion in all conditions ekspluat ation and is not afraid of the most aggressive reagents.

All the power kit RIF is designed to operate in harsh environments, and is certified for use in the Russian Federation when installing any improvements of the car is not required.

Please note that the mount for the trunk is not sold separately !!

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