Bergegurt RIF 9 t / 8 m

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Teilenummer des Herstellers RIF4x4: STR001

Kategorie: Snatch (dynamic) straps

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dynamischer Bergegurt 8m, 9 t

Herstellertext Englisch:

Here is a novelty - a new dynamic sling RIF! As with all products that earned the universal recognition of the brand, it compares favorably with the sling from other manufacturers excellent performance, high-quality construction, brand appearance and humane price.

Dynamic sling has the ability to stretch, accumulating kinetic power of the tractor and transforming it into a powerful smooth spurt during the subsequent compression, thereby helping to quickly and efficiently release the stuck car without shock. Becket dampens strong jerks, protecting both the car from damage, and allows you to pull the heavy SUV is much easier tractor
dynamic cable length RIF -.. 8 meters
Breaking load - 9 tons
Stretching. - 20%

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