Autoterm Air 2D BASIC URAL EDITION Diesel air heater 2kW 12V w/ underbody mounting flange VW Bus T5 / T6 (was: Planar 2D)

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Powerful 2000W diesel air heater with high altitude kit and super silent fuelpump for 12V applications, includinga fully fledged  full mounting kit. Ideal for RVs/Campers, smaller boats and transporters.

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Zusatzoptionen Heizung
  • Fuel tube tee, 8mm*5,3mm*8mm. Suitable for PLANAR 2D, PLANAR 4DM, PLANAR 44D air heaters and BINAR engine pre-heaters.

  • Fuel tube tee, 5,3 x 5,3 x 5.3 mm. Suitable for connecting  PLANAR 2D, PLANAR 4DM, PLANAR 44D air heaters and BINAR engine pre-heaters to the fuel system.

  • Anschlusskabel mit 7m-Länge für das Bedienelement der Planar Heizungen 2D, 4D und 44D.

  • Verlängerungskabel mit 3m-Länge für das Bedienelement der Planar Heizungen 2D, 4D und 44D.

  • Ein Temperaturfühler ermöglicht in Kombination mit dem PU-5 Drehregler (BASIC) die Temperaturregelung. Mit dem PU-27-OLED-Display (DELUXE) lässt sich so eine genauere Temperaturmessung oder sogar das Einrichten einer zweiten Heizzone realisieren.
  • Air intake / intake hose for the auxiliary heater with dust filter to get clean air into the combustion chamber.

Your configuration

Check it out! Installation manual of the Planar 2D Diesel parking heater UNDER the cargo floor of a Volkswagen T5 or T6

The Autoterm Air 2D (formerly Planar 2D) is a 2kW diesel air heater by Autoterm (Advers). It's a reasonably priced alternative to similar models bei Espar or Webasto, namely the Airtronic D2 or Airtop 2000. The kit contains everything you need for installation, including a control unit.

The control unit PU-5 allows for power level control. You can also attach an optional temperature sensor to switch to temperature control.
There is also a lead for external switches or remotes such as our ArtNr TEX0815.

This heater is equipped with an automatic high altitude kit. That means, that the heater will automatically adjust the fuel injection quantities to the lower oxygen levels as air pressure decreases with altitude. The sooting of the burn chamber can therefore be drastically minimized. Note: Of course the maximum achievable power reduces proportionally to the amount of oxygen in the air. The algorithm employed is a little more sophisticated, but roughly speaking, you loose about 5% of power for every 500 meters above 2000m.

Our own tests up to 3440m went flawlessly, we think up to 4000m no major problems should occur. The software itself calculates injection quantities even in 5000m altitude, but this setting has only been tested at lower altitudes. So while in theory a consistent burn should be achievable, we have no real world feedback on this. Yet.

Important: Running a heater at high altitudes requires very well running fans. That means, best there are no hot air ducts connected to the heater, exhaust and burn chamber inlet need to be as short as possible. The least resistance on all these ducts, the more freely the fan can spin, the more air it can shovel into the burn chamber. Please keep that in mind!

In any case, please note: High altitudes will always be met with a technical compromise of some sort. For longer periods of time (e.g. weeks vs. days) you will need to care for getting the burn chamber up to temperature. If that is not possible, sooting in burn chamber will slowly occur anyway - just as with heaters that are being used only on lowest power setting even at zero altitude. So whatever you do, just as has been the case until now: No warranty for sooted up burn chambers. There never was and there will never be, not even with high altitude kit.

Therefore please let the heater regularly burn at highest power setting, preferably at low altitudes. Generally, for all use cases, that means at least every 1-2 weeks for half an hour on full power, to get rid of any carbon buildup that might have occurred. That is about all you have to do in terms of service to a Diesel heater.

For those very rare special special cases with weeks long stays at altitudes above 4000 meters we guess a burn chamber clean up should be feasible when problems start to occur.

All Autoterm heaters are (e2) mark certified allowing installtion in all vehicles within the European Union without consulting TÜV or MOT offices (or whatever they are called in your country.... ;)) Please note: The mounting holes etc. are identical to Espar, so you can simply replace one of those without having to modify anything.

Technical data:

  • Operating voltage: 12V
  • Heat output: 0.8kW (min), 1.8kW (max)
  • Fuel efficiency: 0.1ltr/hr (min), 0.24ltr/hr (max)
  • Power rating: 10W (min), 29W (max)
  • Air flow: 34m³/h (min), 75m³/h (max)

Packing list:

  • Heater 12V
  • digital control unit PU-5 (cable length 1.8m)
  • Autoterm fuel pump "extra leise" (super silent)
  • fuel pump rubber mounting bracket
  • wiring harness fuel pump
  • wiring harness heater
  • air intake hose with silencer (17x9x5cm)
  • heat protection sleeve
  • fuel intake pipe
  • 5.5m plastic fuel line
  • 300mm universal rubber fuel line connection
  • 1m exhaust pipe, flexible
  • stainless steel exhaust silencer
  • nuts bolts, shrink tube, cable ties, ...
  • manual


  • Length: 33cm
  • Height: 12cm + 2.5cm connectors
  • Depth: 12cm

Weight of bare heater: 2.86kgs

Frequently Asked Questions are to be found with just one klick here .

vehicle: Volkswagen T6 Volkswagen T5
max. power: 2kW
Voltage: 12V
control: knob PU-5
Product weight: 8,88 kg
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