Abstandshalter zwischen Blattfeder und Achse 130x56x6 mm für die Blattfedern 56-60 mm, Durchmesser. des Lochs 16 mm

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  • Spacer Spring bridge 130 mm x 56 mm thickness 6 mm central hole 16 mm ul> Description strong>

    Using spacer spring-bridge can be "budget" lift spring cars. You can also compensate for the "sagging" springs to replace them or to increase an existing elevator, as well as to align the car if it is piled high on one side due to sagging springs (only for vehicles with leaf springs on the bridge)

    Note:. To install spacers package usually required stepladder greater length (dependent on the height of spacers package).

    Install strong>

    The spacer spring bridge is made of steel 6 mm thick. That allows you to dial the desired height spacers package for a specific size increments 6mm. Spacers are not painted, which allows them to be welded to each other without the need for additional treatment. Coloring is carried out after assembling the required height spacers package.
    In the center of the spacer spring-bridge has a hole. Once you gain the necessary height spacers package is inserted into the hole and the rod is cut into the size of spacers package. Welded pack of shims. Produced coloring.

    Depending on the height of the dialed spacers package is one or two bars on one bridge. Warning: Do not weld rod!

    If you are installing the springs on the central bridge coupling bolt spring spacers included in the package and pushes the rod into the opening of the bridge, thus centered the whole structure.

    The advantages and disadvantages compared to aluminum spacer strong>

    • The advantages:. The possibility to choose the right height for the right and left sides (thus compensated for different height of the car on springs), aluminum spacer strongly corrodes when in contact with steel-spring steel after painting practically not exposed korroziiu steel spacers greater strength.
    • Disadvantages: greater weight ul>

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