Abschleppseil RIF 11t / 9m (75 mm)

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Teilenummer des Herstellers RIF4x4: STR11-9

Kategorie: Tow straps

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Abschleppseil, 9m, 11t, kein dynamischer Bergegurt.

Herstellertext Englisch:

Tow rope or sling - an important piece of equipment for any SUV
The main purpose of this rope is towing another vehicle.
For pulling stuck cars on the roads this sling can not be used because it does not have sufficient dynamic effect.

main indicator of the quality of the towing cable length and is the breaking load. These indicators are very important for the safety of traffic, so when choosing a towing lines must necessarily take into account the weight of the car

The length of the straps 9 meters, and the breaking load -. 11 tons


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